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BlackSky Global-1 is on Orbit!

by | Nov 29, 2018

Last night, the BlackSky team gathered at our Seattle offices to watch the livestream launch of the PSLVC43 out of India. It was a milestone event for us. The first satellite in our constellation, Global-1 was aboard, and was the last payload to separate from the launch vehicle. Our team erupted in cheers as we watched it take flight.

We had even more excitement and celebration as we made contact with it, right on schedule. It performed beautifully, and we were soon receiving telemetry data. We’re learning more from Global-1 with each pass it makes and we’re now we’re moving into our next phase of satellite operations and are monitoring it closely from our Mission Operations Center in Seattle.

We’re looking forward to having Global-2 join it on orbit within the next few days when the SSO-A Smallsat Express mission launches. Stay tuned – BlackSky is just getting started.


Global-1 and Global-2: soon to be reunited on orbit.


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