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Four Real-World Scenarios for Defense and Intelligence Customers

by | Apr 23, 2018

BlackSky provides clear insights to defense and intelligence users facing fast-moving challenges around the world. Rapid-revisit imagery, ground sensor networks, news, and social media are paired with fully automated analytics to seamlessly extract information and deliver alerts customized to the user.

Here are four recent examples of BlackSky providing tangible, timely value for D&I customers:

Site Monitoring

  • BlackSky can keep tabs on the security of the US Embassy in Tunis by harnessing multi-source intelligence in our automated pipelines. News and social media alerts notify relevant parties if conflict arises nearby. Similarly, satellite images (soon to include BlackSky Global collections) establish normative patterns of life and allow automated image analysis algorithms to detect and report on anomalous aggregations of cars and people in the nearby neighborhood.


Entity Tracking

  • Social media posts and satellite imagery are currently being fused over eastern Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula to understand troop movements and unit strength for Russian, Ukrainian, and rebel forces. In recent years, BlackSky has tracked troop positions through social media posts revealing unit identity, equipment types, and location. This data is correlated against satellite imagery to verify encampments and understand the changing status of that territory.


Sentiment Detection

  • Following the recent death of a civilian in Islamabad involving a vehicle driven by a US Embassy staff member, BlackSky employed its services to track news reports and social media posts from the nearby region. Geolocated detections helped to gauge the severity of the reaction following the staff member’s release from police custody. Tweets of protest became full-scale demonstrations in the following days. Comparisons of report locations to reference map data and new image collections clarified risk and response across the city and paved the way for a better diplomatic response.


Incident Response

  • On January 27, 2018, BlackSky detected reports of a major bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan. BlackSky algorithms positioned the bombing near Jamhurait Hospital and discovered co-located posts on social media, including commentary and images of the aftermath posted by residents lamenting the attack. Images taken before and after the strike, revealed the extent of the damage including automated analysis of detonation site characteristics.


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– Chantz

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